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The Amazon Business Model

How you can use Amazon to your advantage to make a full time living with very little work.

amazon business model

The Amazon business model offers you many opportunities to approach business on the internet in many different ways.

It offers benefits to home business people, manufacturers, web marketers, retailers, and wholesalers.

If you are in business now and want to increase your sales. or if you are not and want to start a home business that is easily set up and will generate an excellent income stream for you, then consider using Amazon.

It is simple to use and you do not need any technical knowledge to do well with this model.


An important point to be made is that using this is free. In some cases you pay a commission if they sell something for you, but you do not have to make investments to start making money.

You combine the benefits of drop shipping with a built in customer base and expansive product selection. And because of the built in customer base you avoid one of the leading reasons for online business failure. And that is inadequate advetising and marketing.

This is an excellent opportunity for both work at home moms and work at home dads.


The following list gives you an overview of what you can do taking advantage of the Amazon business model.

You can:

  • set up your own Amazon store.

  • start business immediately without investing in a website or inventory.

  • sell Amazon products on eBay and have Amazon drop ship them in a plain Brown box to your customers for you.

  • sell Amazon products on your own website.

  • start your own import export business and sell on Amazon while selling on auction sites and independent websites owned by third parties.

  • use Amazon as your warehouse so that you do not have to rent space, hire employees, or put up with government regulations and so that you can focus on product selection and customer service.

  • If you are located outside the United States, you can immediately start selling your products in the United States not only on Amazon but the small businesses with websites all over the United States.

  • use Amazon FBA to sell your goods on the yahoo shopping network and other major shop carts.

  • sell your own products on Amazon and have Amazon drop ship them to buyers for you.

  • immediately find customers for things that you make.

  • use Amazon to find more customers for your products than you could on your own.

  • use Amazon FBA to set up your own affiliate program and have Amazon drop ship products for your affiliates.

  • use Amazon FBA to do all the shipping for you for your sales of products on eBay.

  • avoid the marketing and promotion of a website by selling your products on Amazon.

  • sell on Amazon without making an investment in inventory.

  • sell used goods that you have on hand or that you get at yard sales, estate sales etc. on Amazon such as books, toys, home decor and more.

  • start earning money - $500 per week and more - within the first month that you start selling without making an investment in inventory or owning anything that can be sold.

The details of how to use the Amazon Business model are laid out in the Drop Ship Guide.