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Affiliate Marketing

This is one of those businesses that you can approach one of two ways. You can sell as an affiliate for others or you can set up your own affiliate program and have others sell for you.

There are so many affiliate programs out there for one simple reason. The promotors know that having an affiliate program is the way to get people selling for you. You use other peoples' time and money to sell for you.

And if you are going to sell as an affiliate, you can pick the product with which you are comfortable, and which you think that you can sell, and you spend your time and money trying to sell it.

If you have a product that you are selling, set up an affiliate program with a network that has people who are looking for products to sell. They will sell for you. Setting up an affiliate program can be very simple, and free. And there are some that cost to set up. To learn how to set up an affiliate program go to How To Set Up An Affilitate Program.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing in the sense that you make money selling other peoples products, there are many ways to go.

Just as it says, this is a marketing business. You spend your time marketing - in the sense that your marketing job is to get visitors to your website.

You can either use a website that presells the product or you can do it without a website and drop the visitors right to the product website and let them close the sale.

To put it in perspective, affiliate marketing includes selling products on Amazon as an affiliate. ( Here is a link to a simple formula that you can use to see how it works for you. The Amazon Formula )

But as stated above, this is a marketing business. There are many ways to do that. But Article Marketing is perhaps most recommended by savvy internet marketers. You can use it to build links as well as get traffic.

So to get started, look at The Amazon Formula to see something easy and effective.


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