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Advertising Plans

This page provides information about advertising plans and gives a link to a free download for your own advertising plan.

This plan is a tool that you use to decide what your advertising strategy will be and how you will excute that strategy for a particulare web site.

It is part of your web site plan, which in turn is part of your business plan.

You should have a web site plan for each website, and it follows, an advertising plan for each website.

What goes into your advertising plan is dependent on your marketing plan for your website. So before you complete your advertising plan, work through your marketing plan.

You can get information about marketing plans at Marketing Plan Guide

You are invited to download a free copy of our Web Site Advertising Plan Guide. It is in .pdf format so you will need the free Adobe reader. The Guide will open in a browser window on your computer. Once it does that, simply save it in a directory of your choice. Click on Web Site Advertising Plan Guide .pdf