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How To Add Video To Your eBay Listing

About increasing your eBay income by adding video to your eBay listing.

Increase your sales by adding video to your eBay listing. You get the increase simply because a video is more attractive than single pictures or even a gallery of pictures. Additonally you can transmit a lot more information with video, including information that would not normally be allowed in an eBay listing.

People stop, look and listen when they see video. It is one of the most effective sales tools that you can use.

Video is not hard to make. And you can make video without being in front of the camera.

A video made up just still pictures put into video format can be extremely effective.

And if you are going to be consistently selling a product, then you might want to have someone who is well versed with a camera do the work for you.

But try it on your own first.


Including a video in your listing is a three part process.

The first step is to make a short video describing the product.:

You can use the free  Windows Movie Maker or one of more advanced Video and Screen capture programs.

But if you use one of the screen capture programs you can make your advertisement much more effective.

Whether you use the Windows Movie Maker or a combination of the Windows Movie Maker and a screen capture program, your end result will be increased eBay sales once you add the video to your listing.

The second step it to upload your video to an eBay approved video hosting site:

Upload your video to one of eBay’s approved video hosting sites. For the list, see eBay Approved Sites.

After you upload, the video host will show you an embed code. Copy that embed code.

The third step is to add your video to your item description:

Go to the Sell Your Item form on eBay.

In the Description section, click the "HTML" line to select the tab for entering HTML

Paste the embed code in the listing.

Click the "Preview" link to check if the video is embedded correctly.