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About Wordpress

This page describes WordPress as it relates to you. It does not get into the technical aspects of WordPress, but rather tells you why WordPress is important to you and how you should use it.

WordPress is perhaps one of a web marketers most important tools. You can see it at WordPress Org

There are some very definite advantages to using WordPress. For example, the search engines love blogs. You will find that when you use a blog when you use a WordPress blog you can get your website with its product information to good position in the search engines very quickly. The WordPress system submits your postings to the search engines as soon as you post them. There is no extra effort needed.

Besides that they are free, anyone can set them up and search engine optimization (SEO) is essentially done automatically when you add a free SEO plug in. See the plugin here. SEO Plug In.

Above all, they are money makers.

You should understand WordPress and use it as the platform for your first website and as part of your daily marketing plan. For information about WordPress and the first website that you should make, see the link at Your First Website.

The Video In This Page Is Being Upgraded To Support The 6th edition of the Drop Ship Guide.

In short, all that you need to start making money on the Web is a website host that offers automatic installation of wordpress and a free domain name. With that host, you can make your first website and get on promoting it with some article marketing.

Yes there is a bit more about keyword and product choice involved, but those are just a matter of you spending some time and making choices. Those topics are covered elsewhere in this site.

The point of this page is, all that you need is a website host that supports wordpress.

Here is a link to some that do. Web Host Reviews