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2nd Largest Search Engine

How to add your company information to the 2nd largest search engine.


The 2nd largest search engine is YouTube. And not only is it the second largest, it is considered by many as the best search engine for getting qualified customers to your website and to buy from you.

YouTube can be extremely important to the small business owner because it is much easier to get ranked on the first page in the Google search engine with a video than a web page.

And if you use some very simple marketing procedures you can actually dominate local search for a particular place by using the 2nd largest search engine as your marketing vehicle.

Adding information to YouTube is simple.

You start by getting a free YouTube account. You can do that by going to this link.

vta banner
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Then you upload simple videos related to your product.

YouTube gives you help with that.

For an example of what you can do, look at one of our money making YouTube Channels that is at this link. Polcham

And here is information about other ways to make money on YouTube. Go to How To Use YouTube to Make Money


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