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2Checkout Payment Gateway

Business on the Internet involves the taking of money. To do that you need some form of payment gateway. Paypal and 2checkout are two that you should have.

First and foremost you need a PayPal account. That is simply because people are very comfortable by paying by PayPal and think twice about paying by credit card.

But PayPal is not available everywhere. And if you're going to use the PayPal service that allows the taking of credit cards you will find that it is very expensive.

Getting a merchant account is out of the question for most small businesses. The banks do not like giving merchant accounts to online companies and especially to a small online companies.

So what you need is a merchant account alternative that will allow you to offer payment by credit card to those people who do not have PayPal either because they never signed up for it or because it is not available in their country.

This video takes you through the features of a very popular merchant account alternative.



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Resources Mentioned In This Video


PayPal is essential. This link takes you to the PayPal business services. If you do not have a PayPal business account, get one here now.


When you go here you go directly to the to check out the page where you can review the entire system on your own and sign up for a to check out account.